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Today, Push notifications are the most direct way to contact with your app's users. Keep them in touch and engaged with not only app updates but also with offers, promotions and more directly to their device in a easy way. Send notifications to all of your users, or segment your user base based on the message being sent.

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Today we are all connected. We receive a lot of information from a lot of sources. Sometimes the messages do not reach effectively to the users, Push Notifications are the most direct way to contact with your app’s users.

Keeping them in touch and offering promotions, offers and much more directly to their devices is way to get them engaged. An engaged and happy user will spread your application, obtaining a direct benefit in form of more installations that make your business to grow.

PushBurst offers this direct channel. Allows your users to participate much more in your application experience by sending them notifications to all of them or to a created segment based on the message being sent.

Stay in touch with your users to know what they like more. Get more application downloads by making your users have a better experience. Have in mind that a happy user will speak about your app.

Reliable, scalable


PushBurst is cloud based and scalable so it is ready to deliver notifications for your application, no matter the size. It runs under Linode Cloud infraestructure.



PushBurst is flexible when targeting your users. You can notify all your user base or target some specific users by creating target segments.



PushBurst can schedule your delivery when you need. Use it to create campaigns and measure the result.

Push console


PushBurst Web Console is easy to use for any user, technical or not. There is no excuse to prepare and send notifications to your users. Just sit and relax.



PushBurst shows statistics in a easy to understand way. Evaluate your push deliveries to get more engagement in yor applications.



In addition to the Push Web Console, you can deliver Push Notifications from any client enabled with the PushBurst SDK.

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